2017 Honda S3000 Review, Price and Specs

2017 Honda S3000 Review and Price – The 2017 Honda S3000 will be the second-gen of Honda’s flagship car. This is the upgraded version of S2000 as the modern roadster. If this happens, we believe that the newest model of 2017 S3000 will hit the dealership in the end of this year or the early of 2017.

2017 Honda S3000 Review

For your information, the S2000 model is officially hitting the market in the last quarter of 2016. That is why the S3000 won’t be released on the same page with its brother 2017 Honda Civic Type R Review. This roadster had been stopped by its automaker in 2009 ago. The S3000 will also be the successor of S2000 for sure. This successor is reviewed in this special article.

2017 Honda S3000 Review the Stylish Designs

The design of 2017 Honda S3000 Review, Price and Specs may be similar with the new S2000. It is understandable since this roadster will be the successor of S2000 after all. But, the S3000 will have modern and sophisticated than its predecessor. Based on the images, we can see that the S3000 comes with masculine appearance. But, it does not remove the aggressive features on the design. Instead, it has more curves than the S2000. As you can see on the headlights, the LED technology is fully covered in this model.

2017 Honda S3000 Review, Price and Specs
2017 Honda S3000 Review, Price and Specs

At a glance, we still see the CR-Z features. After all, this suggestions car will have sportier look than its predecessor and define its aggressive design on the roadster class.

2017 Honda S3000 Powertrain

Then, the engine variants of 2017 Honda S3000 Review, Price and Specs may be different too with the S2000. Some experts predict that this roadster will apply a 3.0 or 3.5 L V6 engine which is higher than the S2000 with its 1.5 or 2.0 L turbocharged engine. Both engines will produce between 280 until 300 horsepower obviously. Based on test-mule, this roadster just hits the 0-50 mph in five seconds only. If this is it, Honda will make the fastest roadster that they have ever 2017 Honda Brio Release and Review made so far.

2017 Honda S3000 Review Inteiror
2017 Honda S3000 Review Inteiror

Meanwhile, these engines could be combined with the seven-speed automatic transmission with the all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive systems. Hopefully, it creates 23 until 27 mpg of EPA ratings.

2017 Honda S3000 Price Range

Last but not least, the price range of 2017 S3000 will be our last segment in this article. If the S2000 will be priced around $28,000, the S3000 will start the price around $35,000. This is only for the standard or base model. Meanwhile, higher trims will also be increasing too but it does not reach $40,000. Overall, the price range of S3000 is very competitive. The first quarter of 2017 is the next target of Honda to release the 2017 Honda S3000 Review, Price and Specs.

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