2017 BMW 6 Series Convertible Price and Review

2017 BMW 6 Series Convertible Price and Review – Talking about the full-size luxury car, we cannot move our eyes to 2017 BMW 6 Series Convertible. The drop-top version of the newest 6 Series will always make us take at least a glance to its stylish design and potential engines. Likely, it is also available with AWD system as optional feature for the customers.

2017 BMW 6 Series Convertible Review
2017 BMW 6 Series Convertible Review

It indicates that this convertible is very versatile for any season from winter until summer. In addition, there is also 2-door coupe and 4-door Gran Coupe versions if you are too bored with conventional convertible on 6 series lineup like 2017 BMW 440i Gran Coupe Review. Let us take a look to this short review below.

2017 BMW 6 Series Convertible Platform and Exterior

It is hard to say whether the 2017 BMW 6 Series Convertible Price and Review has shared its platform with the BMW’s flagship sedan, the 5 Series. Its muscular look makes us think that this is the fresh design which has been ever used by BMW so far.

2017 BMW 6 Series Convertible Price and Review
2017 BMW 6 Series Convertible Price and Review

We have to appreciate how BMW makes the body of this convertible as balance as possible especially on its proportions. Moreover, its elegant detail of this car cannot be underestimated. BMW takes higher chance to make this convertible as one of the favorite convertible next year. Its sharp exterior forces us to say some compliments or praises so far.

2017 BMW 6 Series Convertible Interior

The simplicity of 2017 BMW 6 Series convertible platform and exterior is also implemented on the interior segment. As long as we can see inside the car, the instrument panel is minimalist. It really suits for modern drivers these days. It just shows up what the driver needs when driving without exaggerating unnecessary things. Of course, the one and the only BMW’s iDrive infotainment system becomes your partner through the cabin. You can manage it easily and thanks to the user-friendly interface for this system.

There is nothing more and nothing less inside this convertible. Supple leather upholstery adds more comfort for the driver and passenger.

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2017 BMW 6 Series Convertible Powertrains

For your information, this convertible has two different engines right now that you can choose. The first engine is 3.0 Liter 6-cylinder engine for 640i model. It produces around 315 horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque. Although this is the base engine and slower than another one, it concern to give lighter weight and nimble handling. The EPA ratings are also better with 21 mpg/city and 31 mpg/hwy.

The second engine is coming from the 4.4 Liter V8 twin-turbocharged engine that lies under the 650i hood. It produces 415 horsepower and 480 pound0feet of torque. Meanwhile, the EPA ratings are lower than the previous engine. It has 15 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the highway. That is all engines that you may found on the 2017 BMW 6 Series Convertible Price and Review.