2017 Mazda 5 Minivan Review and Price

2017 Mazda 5 Minivan Review: The Stylish Minivan – If you think that all minivans are boring with cheesy look and cheap design, it is most likely that you have never seen the 2017 Mazda 5 Minivan Review and Price. If you take a short look of it without looking further to the details, you will likely think of it as a stylish short SUV. Well, Mazda has never disappointed when it comes to comfort and styling and this model won’t either. After all, the minivan has evolved into a versatile vehicle so it is only logical to expect better things from the new model.

2017 Mazda 5 Minivan Changes

Although Mazda won’t be making extreme or grandeur changes for this new 2017 Mazda 5 Minivan Review and Price, they are planning to give a refreshing look for this ride. The new design is said to be sleeker and more appealing – with a hint of sportier look and feels.

2017 Mazda 5 Minivan Review and Price
2017 Mazda 5 Minivan Review and Price

The fact that this line has never come as a real minivan is pretty helpful to make this one more appealing and interesting to look at 2018 BMW 328i Review. If you are expecting a ride that is nice to control while being able to carry passengers and also cargo conveniently and comfortably with this suggestions car, this is the type of minivan you want to have.

2017 Mazda 5 Minivan Models

For this 2017 Mazda 5 Minivan Review and Price, there will be three different models with its own specs and features. The Sport, for a starter, will come with a standard remote entry, Homelink, sportier deign, and also optional navigation system. The Grand Touring will be the premium and exclusive version, with all the safety features available. All of them will be coming with the third row seats and also side airbags (for the third row, mind you). Mazda claims that they have dealt with the problems from the previous models where there was a limited storage, limited legroom, and also not-so-comfy seating for the third row.

2017 Mazda 5 Minivan Price

2017 Mazda 5 Minivan Features and Performance

You can definitely tweak this ride the way you want it. It is considered a budget friendly ride with exclusive quality and performance; you can expect auto AC, leather covered interior, and also seating arrangement for six people. It will be coming with 4 cylinder 2.5 liter engine, delivering 157 hp of power that is paired with automatic manual 5 speed transmission. It has 22 mpg for the city and 29 mpg for the highway. This 2017 Mazda 5 Minivan Review and Price will be start selling from $22,000.

2017 Mazda 5 Minivan Review

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