2017 Toyota Corolla Features and Specs

2017 Toyota Corolla New Members, Specs, and Prices

2017 Toyota Corolla Features and Specs
2017 Toyota Corolla Features and Specs

2017 Toyota Corolla Features and Specs – Sedan has become a favorite for many people. Compared with other car types, this suggestions car has a further impression. It is supported by a fairly strong performance and elegant design. One of the best-selling sedans in the world is Toyota Corolla. Maybe, there is no one who does not know of this car today. What about the latest version of the Corolla? Look at the 2017 Toyota Corolla review in the following.

Historically, Toyota Corolla was first introduced in 1966 in Japan and in 1968, Corolla entering the American market. Cumulatively, Corolla sales have reached 43 million units worldwide. Toyota Corolla is also very special in the eyes of the CEO and president of Toyota Motor Corporation, Akio Toyoda. 1600 Toyota Corolla 4-door GT has been a vital part of the journey of his life and career of the company. For those of you who are looking for a sedan with a qualified specification, the 2017 Toyota Corolla Features and Specs could be the right choice.

2017 Toyota Corolla Specs

2017 Toyota Corolla Exterior and Interior

2017 Toyota Corolla cannot be doubted for the quality. It is also evidenced by the success of previous models for years. 2017 Toyota Corolla Features and Specs performance prepared to compete with its competitor like Honda Civic. Coinciding to the Corolla 50th anniversary, new Corolla released with some facelift in appearance. Grill and new LED lamp come to complete the impression of sporty. Bi-LED headlamps attached to the Corolla series L, LE and LE while Eco-complex LED headlamps become a standard in the SE, XLE and XSE trim.

2017 Toyota Corolla Interior

16-inch alloy wheels are also pinned on Corolla LE and XLE while XE and XSE use larger size of 17 inch. Sporty and elegant impression will also be felt in the interior with good quality fabric in the upgraded interior upholstery. There are redesigning for the climate control panel and air conditioning. On all trims, there is a standard rearview camera. Moreover, Toyota also unveiled a 50th Anniversary Special Edition version of the SE in 2017 Toyota Corolla which is marketed on a limit, only 8000 units in America.

2017 Toyota Corolla Variations Offered to You

In addition, Toyota also issued a series of new members into the 2017 Toyota Corolla Features and Specs named Toyota 86 and Corolla iM. Toyota 86 uses a 2.0-liter 205 hp and 156 lb-ft of torque and a six-speed manual transmission (200 hp and 151 lb-ft with automatic transmission). This car looks more aggressive because it has a larger air intake so the car seems bigger and wider. On the other hand, Toyota iM also comes with stylish design, a relatively spacious cabin like 2017 Subaru Legacy GT Turbo Review and Price, sporty 17-inch wheels, but still in affordable price. Both models have been the transformation of the discontinued model for 2017 named Scion. Scion eventually stopped by Toyota because of low sales.

2017 Toyota Corolla Engine
2017 Toyota Corolla Engine

2017 Toyota Corolla Price Ranges

For the price of 2017 Toyota Corolla Features and Specs, Toyota 86 and Corolla iM each is priced at about $27,120 and $19,615 in America. For L trim, it costs $19.365. The volume-leading LE is priced at $19.800 and the LE Eco is at $20.200. SE version prices at $22.530. Last, the XSE model starts from $23.545. Broad appealing features and options will make the customer cannot turn away from the car that provides well basic specification which is not usually found in the similar compact car.

2017 Toyota Corolla Features