2017 Volkswagen Phaeton Hybrid Specs and Review

2017 Volkswagen Phaeton Hybrid for Your Luxury Green Car Option

2017 Volkswagen Phaeton Hybrid Specs

2017 Volkswagen Phaeton Hybrid Specs and Review – Initially, the Volkswagen’s Phaeton was a project of Ferdinand Piech, the chairman of VW Group. This one was designed to challenge the best luxury sedans from Germany at a relative bargain, making it a great choice to fill a role along with the other luxury halo sedan the VW Group also has, the Audi A8. Rumored to make a comeback as the new 2017 Volkswagen Phaeton Hybrid, it is claimed that the new generation is set to rival the luxury Mercedes S550.

2017 Volkswagen Phaeton Hybrid Highlights in Brief

2017 Volkswagen Phaeton Hybrid Interior

Way before the production and release of 2017 Volkswagen Phaeton Hybrid Specs and Review, this hybrid lineup was first introduced back in 2002. Unfortunately, the Phaeton did not fare well enough thus it failed in the U.S. After the release of the 2006 model year, this luxury hybrid vehicle was finally withdrawn, although it was still marketed in the Europe with mid-cycle updates. Hence, it becomes really surprising when the company decided to make comeback with this model, more over setting it to compete with the traditional luxury flagships suggestions car.

2017 Volkswagen Phaeton Hybrid Specs and Review

Plus, there are some reasons why it’s really difficult to imagine that the 2017 Volkswagen Phaeton Hybrid Specs and Review will be sold in America. One of them is the fact that the U.S. buyers are not as interested as they are when they’re offered with a larger Passat. It is especially true since the almost identical A8 sedan from Audi was sold, featuring the lighter aluminum ratio of body to boot.

2017 Volkswagen Phaeton Hybrid Specifications and Engine

The 2017 Volkswagen Phaeton Hybrid may be powered by the 6.0L W12. Even so, it doesn’t mean this luxury sedan is a sports one. Rather, it has been ordained as a luxury craft instead. The hybrid version, however, will be the first time which, again and again, is set to rival competitors such as the Mercedes S550 Hybrid. For the new Phaeton Hybrid, the 6.0L W12 will crank out a total power of 600 horsepower and 663 lb.-ft. of torque like 2017 Toyota Avalon Limited Features Review. The estimated fuel consumption rate is at 22 mpg combined.

2017 Volkswagen Phaeton Hybrid Engine

For the Germany automobile company, China and U.S. are the most important markets for Phaeton. However, for those markets, the hybrid editions of any luxury sedans are more likely to be all about status symbols rather than optimizing the energy efficiency. That being said, the fuel efficiency will not be an important matter for the buyer at all. Hence, with the brief detailing about the performance of 2017 Volkswagen Phaeton Hybrid Specs and Review we have mentioned above, this one is still a way to go if you want and can afford it.

2017 Volkswagen Phaeton Hybrid Price Information

2017 Volkswagen Phaeton Hybrid Specs and Review

Considering the segment the new 2017 Volkswagen Phaeton Hybrid Specs and Review is pursuing, it is not surprising to find out later that this luxury electric sedan will be labeled at a premium price tag. It is especially true since the company is planning to compete with the market leaders—Lexus LS and Mercedes S Class. Meanwhile, the Audi A8 is trying to take on the 7 Series. However, even if the new Phaeton will sell way better than the predecessor 2017 Porsche Macan Review, Release, Price and Changes, it somewhat doesn’t have the pedigree to attract those luxury sedan shoppers.