2025 Toyota Highlander Review and Specs

2025 Toyota Highlander Review and Specs. Toyota set a new Highlander sales record in the United States in 2025, selling 215,775 Highlanders. Will it do so again with the new Toyota Highlander in 2025? We have faith in them. So far, there have been three generations of this vehicle, and it appears that the new 2025 model will be the start of the fourth.

The third generation debuted in March 2013 for the 2014 model year. It ended up being similar to other mid-size hybrid SUVs, albeit with a more broad and longer plan and improved technology.The restored 2025 model year debuted three years later at the March 2016 New York Auto Show. It received an appearance and interior overhaul, as well as engine and transmission options. Given this, we can’t expect much from the new 2025 model, which has recently undergone a redesign. In any event, we’re excited to see the new model because Toyota never ceases to amaze us.

2025 Toyota Highlander Review and Specs

Toyota Highlander 2025 Review

Your fourth-generation Highlander won’t hit dealerships until 2025, if at all. In any scenario, the actual HL will have to deal with a regular mid-show routine patch in 2025. This will have trim changes, one of which will be more understandable – the SE-with no lack of what one new shade was offering. Do whatever it takes not to resuscitate, because Toyota will not make much changes.

2025 Toyota Highlander Review and Specs Toyota announced on Tuesday that it will invest $600 million in its Princeton, Indiana, plant to advance the Highlander half and half SUV and modernize the specialized office for the approaching front gathering display.Like the 1986 film Highlander, the genuine Toyota SUV that provides its namesake is a crowd favourite that falls level to impel control among academics. After more than 190,000 Highlanders were purchased from shipper components the previous year, Toyota’s standard size 50% and one-half SUV arrived in 2025 with a significant event of changes made for satisfying the lions speak about and clever folks as well.

2025 Toyota Highlander Engine

From the start, the Highlander shared the Toyota K stage with the Toyota Camry and Lexus RX/Toyota Harrier. Until now, we could discover the 3.5-liter V-6 engine in the Highlander’s powerplant. The V-6 engine is standard in all trims except the Highlander LE, which has an 185 HP inline-four engine.

2025 Toyota Highlander Review and Specs

This unit is less powerful, but it is also more effective because the engine now runs on the more competent Atkinson cycle. Toyota made this possible by improving the port fuel-infusion system and updating the valve-train. The new Toyota Highlander 2025 must have 25 more horsepower and 15 pound-feet of torque. Concerning the half breed show, we are convinced that it will be available, and the V-6 engine may also control it, but it will be, clearly, more advanced. When everything is included, the result is 295 pull and 263 lb-ft. We cannot say that this is insufficient power for a hybrid drivetrain.

The most recent generation of Toyota’s 3.5-liter V-6 engine is paired with the Highlander’s distinctive rich components. The about six chamber is standard on everything except the base passageway tire-travel Highlander LE-which utilizes a weak 185-Hewlett Packard inline various and sets a huge accumulation of modern propels, including a quick and harbor gasoline-mix process and also a revived valvetrain that enables the generator to keep running in the unmistakably more prepared Atkinson period.

With an estimated 295 horsepower and 263 pound-feet of torque, the revised V-6 will produce 25 more horsepower and 15 pound-feet of torque over the previous model. Mileage is up as well, with the front-tire-push New Highlander V-6 achieving an EPA-estimated 23 mpg combined; all-tire-push models earn 22 mpg. The two details stamp a 2-mpg improvement over last year’s Highlander and put the one-half particular sort of puppy on the inside 1 mile for each gallon of the number of-barrel Mazda CX-9’s connected up with adequate statistics.

Toyota Highlander 2025 Exterior

Toyota’s fair-sized three-push hybrid SUV is based on the undercarriage of the Toyota Avalon. The 2011 model year features revised headlights, a new black with chrome accent rocker board, and a new front grille. It was formerly available in five or seven-situate configurations, but the new 2025 variant will be able to carry up to eight passengers.

2025 Toyota Highlander Review and Specs

The exterior of the previous generation is stunning, and Toyota continues to build on this accomplishment.The front end is completely arranged, with massive headlights and mammoth air affirmations. On the sides, there are massive muscle lines that go down to the back and are designed to appear more pronounced than they are. The r2025 Toyota Highlander Review and Specs will appear more powerful with this outward facelift and cutting-edge layout.

2025 Toyota Highlander Interior

The true update to the inside cabin incorporates the most modern infotainment and entertainment highlights, but other elements of the interior are not falling behind. Four extra USB ports are added, bringing the total to five—three in the front and two in the back. The interior contains various aluminum-shrouded information storage compartments that hold massive racks that transmit the dashboard.

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The new Highlander 2025, like other new Toyota cars, includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto highlights that encourage, entertain, and watch out for you on the road. It connects you to the outside world from the comfort of your driver’s seat. We anticipate that Toyota Safety Sense will be standard on all trim levels of this car.This unique idea is intended to protect you and your passengers from harm. Pre-Collision System, Lane Departure Alert, Lane-Departure with Steering Assist, Automatic High Beams, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, and Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection are all part of it.

2025 Toyota Highlander Review and Specs

Toyota Highlander 2025 Release Date and Price

We should mention that Toyota normally announces new products at the New York Auto Show or the Chicago Auto Show. Given this, we may predict that the new 2025 Toyota Highlander Review and Specs will be available one year from now. Given that both Auto Shows take place at the start of the year, we should see the new Highlander by April. Furthermore, according to certain hypotheses, Toyota intends to unveil the new Toyota Highlander model in May 2025.

There is also a lot of rumors about the pricing, but because it is unknown, we should go back to the previous model’s price. They range in price from $31,590 for the standard model to $48,840 for the cross breed model. We are confident that when another model becomes available in the market, you will select the trim that corresponds to your price range.

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